In 2017, we are fully embracing the cancer community! The main beneficiary for the entire Shamrock’n weekend will be Sacramento-based Triumph Cancer Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is local and provides valuable needed services to adult cancer survivors throughout the metro area. 

The mission of Triumph Cancer Foundation is to recapture lives after cancer through physical fitness.  The organization’s signature program, Triumph Fitness, is a 12-week fitness program specifically designed for cancer survivors to regain strength and stamina after treatment. Published medical research demonstrates that not only do participants reduce their risk of recurrence, but survivors who exercise report much less exhaustion, and overall greater health-related quality of life.  Triumph Fitness is offered at no cost to adult cancer survivors in the Sacramento metro area, and there is no other organization providing the type of services offered by Triumph in our community.

We are proudly partnering on the Shamrock’n weekend because both Fleet Feet Sports of Sacramento and Triumph Cancer Foundation are mission-aligned when it comes to the importance of physical fitness enhancing quality of life. 

Triumph Cancer Foundation - Recapturing lives after cancer through Triumph Fitness. Information can be found online at