Shamrock’n since 2014


I ran track in high school. After high school, I got my college degree, got married, raised a family and went on with life but did not run. I gained quite a bit of weight, so in 2012, I signed up for a weight loss boot camp. We were told that we would be running a 5K four weeks in. We spent one workout a week running as a group. I didn't know you could forget how to run. My form was terrible. But I made it through the 5K and was thrilled that I made it. As the end of the program neared we were asked what we would be doing after the camp to stay fit. I picked running. In 2012 I ran eight 5Ks.

In March of 2013 I joined Fleet Feet's No Boundaries Training and learned correct form. Again I ran several 5Ks that summer. I signed up for my first Shamrock’n half marathon in November. I joined the Fleet Feet Shamrock’n training in January 2014 and ran my first half marathon in March. I liked it so much that I decided to do again in 2015.

I really enjoyed the Fleet Feet training programs, especially the Shamrock’n training. They covered everything I needed to know about running a half marathon, from nutrition and hydration to race prep and even tying your shoes. The training group was large but broken down by experience and speed. It was easy to find fellow trainees that were the same age group, the same speed and running a half for the first time. The camaraderie was great. We all met up in the River Cat Sky Lounge before and after the race. Our trainers were out on the course cheering us on.

The Shamrock’n is sort of like a big party. There are bands playing nearly every mile. There are cheering supporters at the Blue Diamond Almond Factory and in Old Sacramento. And then there is the thrill of running into Raley Field with the big screen in the outfield showing the runners coming in.

I would recommend this race to anyone. It is a flat course with great views of the Capitol, Blue Diamond Almond Factory, the American River Parkway and the Sacramento River, the Ford Auto Museum, Old Sacramento and the Tower Bridge. Running with the Fleet Feet Training Group greatly adds to the very fun experience.

I hope to see you at the 2016 Shamrock’n!