Shamrock’n since 2015


I initially started running at 49 years old to become a stronger mountain biker! However, as I started running, I loved it. I loved the individual challenge to see what I could do.

I started with training for a Fleet Feet 5K, and then ran a half marathon as a relay partner doing a 10K. The next natural step for me was to try a half marathon. Shamrock'n 2015 was my very first half marathon—just days before I turned 50!

I absolutely loved training with Fleet Feet. I have learned so much about how to run properly and to help keep myself from injury. The best benefit (besides learning what my body really can do!) is the camaraderie between the runners. I tend to be a “back of the pack” runner. While it initially bothered me to be a slow runner, I found the best support from my fellow runners. That encouragement as well as the guidance and support from my training coaches helped me keep going.

I am looking forward to running Shamrock'n again this year. I love the enthusiasm of my fellow runners, the support everyone gives each other, the music along the course, and especially the course itself!

For anyone thinking about running their first half marathon—I have been in your shoes, asking myself “why am I doing this?” and thinking “I am not really a runner like everyone else.” But, I did it. It can seem intimidating to run with faster runners, but having someone who runs at your pace helps to distract you and before you know it you are running faster than you realized you could!

I have become friends with some amazing women (and men!) who support each other. We cheer each other on and help encourage each other when we are struggling. Some days I have a great run and my friends do not, and sometimes we all sync up together and that is AMAZING! I wouldn't trade the family of runners I have gained in the past year. Having this group to support each other and be accountable to is so helpful! I share my enthusiasm with others and in fact have my CEO and CFO both signed up for the Shamrock'n half marathon this year! They never knew what hit them!

I hope to see you at the 2016 Shamrock’n!