Elite Athletes

A limited amount of comp entries will be available for those that have achieved the following time standards on a certified course within the last year. These are available first come, first serve:

Men = Sub 1:09:00
Women = Sub 1:22:00

Please e-mail chad@fleetfeetsacramento.com to check on availability.

Prize money for the 2017 Blue Diamond Almonds Shamrock’n Half Marathon for both men and women:

  • 1st place $500
  • 2nd place $250
  • 3rd place $100

Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series Record Bonus

Men: Peter Gilmore 1:05:27.9 (2005)
Women: Jane Kibii 1:16:01 (2014)

Individuals will be awarded a cash prize for breaking the race record. If multiple people break the record, the payout will go three deep and will be handled in the following manner.  Non-members of the Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series will have their entry fee to that series subtracted from the winnings below.

  • 1 Individual - $200
  • 2 Individuals - 1st ($125) 2nd ($75)
  • 3 Individuals - 1st ($125) 2nd ($50) 3rd ($25)

2017 Elite Athletes: TBD