Shamrock’n since 2014


Well it all started a couple of years ago when my friend told me she started running and how it "changed her life.” She looked so radiant and happy! I had always wanted to run as I wanted to "feel" what it would be like to be a runner, but every time I tried my knees would flare up. So I figured that was not something I could do and did other things for exercise.

My life was pretty crazy with working full time, married with two teenage kids in school/sports and taking care of my mother who had a stroke and also has dementia. The emotional stress of losing my mother little by little to dementia and trying to be there for everyone had started to take a toll, both mentally and physically. I was having issues with high blood pressure, tired, and literally did not know how to put myself on the calendar. I started to feel a little resentment toward my family as they seemed to fit exercise into their lives, but I felt like I did not have the time for it. Then I remembered my friend told me about how running changed her life. I needed to do something as both of my parents had strokes and I wanted to be healthy for myself and for my family.

I started doing interval training (run/walk) with a tiny running group my friend told me about. I thought if I slowly started off with the interval training I could see if my knees would get strong enough to actually run. I also went on a 5K run with my friend. In the past, I had only walked 5Ks but I ran the whole thing.

I started with the "No Boundaries" group and what I loved about it was that they focused their whole training on running without getting injured. We would warm up with various exercises, do our work out and come back and do cool down exercises. They also did exercises to help build the core muscles. I was also doing the interval training (run/walk), which was great as it prevented me from putting too much stress on my knees.

I met some awesome people in my training group and my initial goal was to train to run a 5K, but I ended up signing up for the Shamrock'n Half! I thought I must be crazy, but there was a group of us who decided to sign up together in the run/walk group. We all trained together and the camaraderie was amazing. I completed my first Half Marathon and it felt great! I still have endless goals, but that is what is so wonderful about running. It has changed my life is such a positive way and I hope to inspire others to achieve their goals!

I hope to see you at the 2016 Shamrock’n!