Nuun Hydration

As the Shamrock'n Half Marathon hydration sponsor, Nuun hydration products will be available at all five aid stations along the half marathon course. 

Nuun is leading the way in portable hydration with many different options to keep you replenished all day, everyday. It's packed with electrolytes, light in flavor with no sugars or carbs and portable making it the perfect sports drink. The electrolytes found in Nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently. Nuun is a perfect addition to not only your workout routine, but your every day life in keeping your body functioning in the best way possible. Try some Nuun today!

Important Hydration Facts!

What do you need to know about hydration?
With a large percentage of your body being made up of water, it's important to be hydrated for your daily health, not just your activity level. Water is essential in regulating temperature, transporting nutrients to organs and tissues, transporting oxygen to cells, removing waster and helping to protect your joins and organs. A lack of hydration can result in a decrease of mental or physical performance, even in your every day life when you aren't training.

Why does dehydration happen? 
When we don't drink enough water throughout our day, or regularly enough, our bodies become dehydrated leading to symptoms such as muscle fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, decreased performance level and rapid heart rate. Thus it's important to consume 64+ ounces (or half your body weight in ounces) of water a day to keep our bodies in tip top shape, especially when training for an endurance event.

How can I stay hydrated?
Nuun is a great way to stay hydrated without adding extra sugar to your diet. Beverages containing large amounts of sugar can speed up the dehydration process. The sugars in those drinks need more water from the body to be digested and properly fuel your muscles and brain function. While water is essential to your diet, Nuun will also help in keeping you hydrated all the time.